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Texting While Driving Ban Proposed for State of Florida | Car Accident Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

In light of recent studies regarding the potentially fatal consequences of texting while driving, with some studies even leading to the conclusion that texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol, Florida representatives are proposing, once again, that the state ban the dangerous act, according to the ABC 7 website. Should the state’s third attempt to turn the bill into law become successful, Florida will join thirteen other states and the District of Columbia in banning text messaging while driving. Recent auto accident cases throughout the U.S. and new statistics on the dangers of texting at the wheel give weight to this third effort: just Wednesday (July 29th), a car landed in a swimming pool in New York when it was struck by a tow truck whose driver was texting on one phone and talking on another. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reported just how severe incidents such as this can be: text messaging while driving was found to be 23 times more dangerous than driving by itself. If the bill is passed, Florida residents who text in the driver’s seat could be fined around $30. Not only will those who refrain from texting and driving save $30, but they may save a life.

As a personal injury and car accident lawyer in the metro Ft. Lauderdale area, David Benenfeld has seen far too many injuries and fatalities result from accidents caused by text messaging. If you have sustained injuries in a car accident that resulted from another driver’s inattention to the road, feel free to contact David Benenfeld for free resources, information, and answers to your most concerning questions.

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