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Teen Drivers Are At Risk Of A Florida Car Accident When Texting; Yet Many Text Anyways

It is a known fact that texting while driving is a very dangerous activity. In fact, many studies show that texting behind the wheel is just as dangerous as driving intoxicated. When a driver participates in texting and driving, he is more likely to get into a Florida car accident because he took his eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. This is especially the case for teenage drivers, who lack the experience behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, texting while driving is a deadly distraction for all drivers, but especially for teenage drivers. This is because this activity takes a driver’s attention away from driving for a longer period than most any other distraction that a driver can engage in, and it reduces the brain’s activity associated with driving.

While most drivers have heard about the dangers of texting while driving, many teens still engage in this activity. According to, a typical teen sends about 100 text messages a day, and about a third of teens surveyed reported texting or emailing behind the wheel.

So what can be done to reduce a teen driver’s temptation to text and drive?

Teenagers need to know that there are consequences to their actions. For example, parents can explain to them that their cell phones will be taken away if they are caught texting while driving, they would have to pay for their own car insurance, or other various punishments that would motivate their teen drivers to stop texting and driving. In light of Teen Driver Safety Week, parents need to talk with their kids about safe driving habits and minimizing risky driving behaviors, such as texting and driving.

Because teens often don’t understand the consequences of their actions, sometimes parents may just need to install an app that shuts down their teen’s phone while the car is in motion, in order to protect them from being in a Florida car crash.

If you have been injured in a car wreck due to a distracted driver, it is important that you contact a skilled car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale to discuss your case. Contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld today for a free consultation and learn about your rights at 954-677-0155.

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