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South Florida Wrongful Death Claim Due To Product Liability

Although death is inevitable, most people don’t want to die any earlier than they have to. Unfortunately, accidents claim many victims’ lives every year, and people die prematurely. Sometimes, these premature deaths are caused not just by any accident, but by a defective product due to flawed manufacturing or design.

When a person dies prematurely because of a company’s negligence, it seems unfair and unjust. Unfortunately, there are approximately 22,000 people who die every year in the United States due to defective products and about 29 million consumers are injured, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Shockingly, these statistics indicate that products we all use daily, weekly, or monthly may not be safe.

Types of Dangerous Products

Once products are known to be hazardous, they are typically recalled; however, many defective and dangerous products are in the marketplace and in homes across Florida and America for many months or years before they are recalled. These hazardous products could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cars and car parts such as accelerators, brakes, tires, and transmissions
  • Children’s products such as cribs, strollers, car seats, swings, and toys
  • Appliances and household products such as lamps, lights, fans, space heaters, surge protectors, vacuums, and cleaning supplies
  • Tools such as drills, air compressors, and various power tools
  • Medications such as name brand and generic prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines

Why Are Dangerous Products Ever Put Into the Marketplace?

The reality is that all humans make mistakes, and all the products listed above are either designed by humans, manufactured by humans, or assembled by humans. When a person makes a mistake and it is not caught, the product can continue being made and end up in the marketplace where unassuming consumers would never know that the product is defective and dangerous. Sadly, the product defect can occur during the any of the three main stages of the manufacturing process, including:

  • Research and Development (R&D). This stage includes conducting research, choosing the best material for the product, designing the product, and ultimately developing the product. If bad materials were chosen or there is a defect in the design, the product could be dangerous from the get go.

  • Testing. A deeper look at the product through testing could reveal vulnerabilities and potential dangers. Unfortunately, defects could go unnoticed if the product isn’t tested rigorously.

  • Manufacturing. During this stage, the final design is implemented and the product is manufactured. If the product is made wrong or a mistake happens along the way, a hazardous product could end up in the marketplace.

If your loved one died as a result of a hazardous product, there could have been a design flaw or defect in manufacturing that could have caused your family member to die prematurely. To determine if you have a Florida wrongful death case, contact an experienced South Florida wrongful death lawyer today.

You can contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 to speak with a Broward County wrongful death attorney today in a free consultation.

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