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South Florida Auto Accident Burn Victim Attorney

One of the most devastating types of injuries when involved in a motor vehicle accident is being seriously burned. Typically burn injuries are caused from a ruptured gas line, gas tank or radiator. Sadly, burn victims who have been involved in a Broward County auto accident can have long lasting and permanent bodily damage for life.

When a victim has severe burn injuries from a South Florida auto accident, the recuperation and rehabilitation process is lengthy. Not only is a South Florida burn injury painful and scarring, but the psychological scars are deep too.

A South Florida car crash victim can suffer severe burns in various ways. Some of the most common burns caused from a motor vehicle accident are:

  • Scalding burn. A scalding burn can happen when the radiator of the motor vehicle ruptures. When a radiator ruptures it causes hot steam or liquids to flow and can injure the driver or passenger.

  • Combustible liquid burn. A combustible liquid burn happens when a person comes in contact with a burning liquid such as diesel or gasoline.

  • Contact burn. A contact burn happens when a person’s skin comes in direct contact with a hot object.

  • Flammable liquid burn. A flammable liquid burn can be caused by gasoline or any other liquid that is flammable when it comes in contact with an individual.

  • Respiratory burn. A respiratory burn can result when a person has inhaled hot gas or burning particles. This usually will happen in an enclosed environment or being too close to poisonous fumes.

When an individual has been severely burned and injured as a result of a Broward County car crash or a defective product in the vehicle, it is important to seek the help of an experienced Broward County auto accident attorney.

An experienced auto accident attorney can help a South Florida burn injury victim recover damages.

After a South Florida burn injury, a skilled lawyer will be able to document the burn victim’s injuries and recovery process, as well as preserve and gather evidence. When investigating the fire scene after a South Florida car accident, an experienced accident attorney may discover there are multiple parties to the claim. It may not only be the other driver in the accident. It may be discovered that there was a poorly designed gas tank, fuel valves or safety devices that may be the cause of the fire resulting in a burn injury.

If you were a victim of a burn injury from a car accident in South Florida, you may be entitled to financial compensation for injuries, psychological recovery, lost wages and much more. Contact the Law Office of David M. Benenfeld for a free initial consultation.

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