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Some Adverse Effects of Radiation Exposure Employees Suffer on the Job

Employees suffer injuries on the job that can occur from a number of job-related dangers, such as radiation exposure. Radioactive materials are used in the industrial sector, and radiation producing equipment is increasingly used in a number of different industries. Unfortunately, as the use of radiation products and equipment increases, so does the number of work-related radiation injuries and illnesses.

While most people like to think of an on the job injury as a one time work accident such as a fall that caused broken bones, a workplace injury can also occur over months and years and have long-term consequences. For example, many workers have been harmed as a result of long-term exposure to small doses of radiation on the job while others have suffered radiation poisoning from being exposed to a radiation source after one time. In either event, there are many adverse effects of radiation exposure, including:

  • Cancer. Many types of cancer can occur as a result of radiation on the job, such as bone cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

  • Leukemia. When workers are exposed to ionizing radiation, it is possible they can develop leukemia, which is when the body produces abnormal blood cells. Leukemia is the cancer of the blood or bone morrow. Sadly, workplace exposures to ionizing radiation has resulted in leukemia and death.

  • Acute radiation syndrome. When workers are exposed to high amounts of ionizing radiation, they can suffer gastrointestinal problems, destruction of cells, tissue damage, neurological problems, and even death, usually within 24 hours of exposure.

  • Chronic radiation syndrome. With chronic radiation syndrome, workers are exposed to ionizing radiation for months or years. Depending on the radiation levels will determine the severity of damage.

  • Chronic radiodermatitis. This type of injury is a skin disease that occurs from exposure to ionizing radiation over a prolonged period of time. It causes visible skin damage.

  • Cataracts. When people are exposed to both microwave and ionizing radiation, they can suffer cataracts, which is when the lens of the eye starts becoming opaque and results in blurred vision.

  • Sterility. Male workers who have been exposed to radiation will likely be incapable of producing kids because radiation kills sperm cells.

Radiation Injuries Are Serious Workplace Injuries

Workers whose health has suffered in any of the above ways due to radiation exposure and radiation poisoning need to find out about their legal rights for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. Because the workers’ compensation system can be confusing and complex, it is always in an injured workers’ best interest to work with an attorney in order to collect the most compensation.

To find out about your legal rights and how much money you may be entitled to following your workplace radiation injury, call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free consultation at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 to speak with a workers’ comp attorney in South Florida.

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