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Social Security Adds 52 More Eligible Illnesses For Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration has such a large backlog of pending applications for disability benefits in Florida and the rest of the country that they have taken a stance that more people will qualify automatically for benefits.

According to Syracuse University a person who has made an application for disability benefits has a waiting period averaging 368 days. Approximately 10,000 people in Palm Beach and Broward Counties are still waiting for hearings from SSA to determine their eligibility of being disabled.

On April 11, 1012, Commissioner Astrue announced at the World Orphan Drug Congress that there would be 52 new Compassionate Allowances conditions added to the now 113 medical conditions SSA reviews for disability eligibility.  This new list of conditions will total 165 that will involve various cancers, neurological conditions, and immune system disorders affecting adults and children.  The new conditions will not be effective until August 13, 2012.

The added conditions will open the doors for more people in need of SSA disability benefits to apply.   The new additions will help people who are very sick and need help.

Another improvement to the SSA system is that it will allow people to apply for disability benefits online with electronic forms which will shave off days or weeks from the process.

The Law Office of David Benenfeld has experience helping individuals who need to apply for disability benefits.  Attorney Benenfeld would like to remind individuals seeking disability benefits that it is a time consuming process but if accepted one worth the wait.

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