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Seeking Compensation For Workplace Burn Injuries


Employees in many different industries in South Florida can sustain a wide variety of compensable injuries at work. Frequently, employees sustain traumatic injuries in accidents at work. In addition, employees whose jobs have exposed them to hazardous substances or to other dangerous conditions may be able to seek compensation for occupational diseases. One type of workplace injury that is more common than you think and can have catastrophic and life-threatening consequences is a burn. According to a study in the Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters, “burns in the workplace are a substantial social and economic threat to individuals and families.” Our experienced South Florida workers’ compensation lawyers are here to say more about workplace burn injuries.

Burn Injuries Happen More Often Than You Might Think 

According to the study, approximately 5,000 burn injuries occur in the workplace every year, and some research has suggested that anywhere from 10 percent to 45 percent of all reported burn injuries in the U.S. occur in workplaces. If you sustained a burn injury at work, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Multiple Types of Workplace Burns May Be Compensable 

When you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits after a burn injury, you should know that multiple types of burn injuries can be compensable. The study cited above identifies the following types of burns as the most common in workplaces:

  • Thermal burns:
  • Chemical burns; and
  • Electrical burns.

According to Stanford Health Care, thermal burns result from “external heat sources which raise the temperature of the skin and tissues and cause tissue cell death or charring.” Common sources of thermal burns include scalding liquids, steam, and flames. Chemical burns are caused by “strong acids, alkalies, detergents, or solvents coming into contact with the skin and/or eyes,” and can result from contact with various kinds of chemical or dangerous substances on the job. Finally, electrical burns result from contact with electrical currents and are particularly common in the construction industry and among electricians.

Highest Rate of Workplace Burns Occur in Industrial Plants and Among Male Employees 

The study notes that the highest numbers of work-related burns occur in industrial plants—typically in explosions that occur. Most of these accidents result in chemical burns, but they can also cause thermal burns. Just because your injury occurs in another setting does not mean it cannot be compensated through the workers’ compensation system. Even burn injuries that occur rarely in certain industries can still be compensated when they occur. For example, a kitchen fire in a white-collar office may result in thermal burns, and any injured employees may be eligible to seek compensation.

Further, about 90 percent of workplace burn injuries affect younger male employees, but workers of any age or sex should know that they can be eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits after an on-the-job burn injury.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

Did you recently suffer a burn injury on the job? One of our experienced Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation attorneys can help you to seek the financial compensation you need. Contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. today to learn more about how we can help.


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