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Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day Promotes Motorcycle Awareness in Florida

More people than ever before own and ride motorcycles in Florida. With the Sunshine State taking second to California for the most motorcycle registrations among U.S. states, it’s no wonder why people want to ride their motorcycles in a climate such as we have here.

Although the weather makes it a wonderful place to ride, Florida’s traffic and driver distractions still makes our state a dangerous place for motorcyclists. Even though motorcycle operators have the same legal rights to the road, they are more vulnerable. This is why the recent 24th annual Ride to Work Day plays an important part in raising awareness of motorcycles and scooters.

Since there were about one million people nationwide who participated in Ride to Work Day on June 15, 2015, this large number of people help to remind drivers of the need to share the roads with motorcyclists — and not simply on one day but every day of the year.

Because it can be more dangerous on two wheels than on four, drivers of passenger cars and trucks are encouraged to pay extra attention to motorcyclists in an effort to decrease motorcycle crashes and injuries. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to look out for motorcycles or pull out in front of them, causing motorcyclists to crash and suffer serious injuries.

If you have been injured or a loved one has died in a motorcycle collision caused by the negligence of another driver, you have a legal right to bring a claim against that driver. To learn how to file a claim, what your next steps should be, and what you do and don’t want to do when pursuing a claim, you should speak with an experienced accident attorney.

You can reach the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free consultation with a South Florida accident attorney at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 and get all your questions answered today.

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