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Publix Employee Injuries


Grocery stores like Publix employ many different kinds of workers, including cashiers and baggers, stockers, deli counter workers, cleaners, managers, and more. Given the wide range of job duties among Publix workers, there are also many different ways that injuries can happen on the job. It is important for Publix workers and other grocery store employees to know about their rights and eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. In general, Florida law requires injured employees to report their injuries to their employers within 30 days from the date of the injury (but ideally as soon as possible). Injured workers also must see an approved provider, although an initial emergency visit can be to any provider nearby for emergency treatment.

To learn more about obtaining compensation and the steps you need to take, you should get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney in Pompano Beach who can help. In the meantime, we can provide you with more information about Publix employee injuries that are commonly compensable through the Florida workers’ compensation system.

Grocery Store Accidents and Injuries 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workplace injuries and illnesses have not risen in grocery store workplaces although grocery store chains have expanded and hired more workers, yet there are nonetheless common types of accidents that occur with some frequency and could be prevented. The BLS reports that about 96 percent of grocery store incidents that result in time away from work are traumatic injuries caused by accidents rather than occupational diseases.

In large part, grocery store workers rarely suffer fatal injuries unless assaults or violent acts are involved in an incident or encounter, according to the BLS. Instead, most injuries are non-fatal injuries that result in varying degrees of disability. Many are musculoskeletal injuries.

Learning More About Common Publix Injuries

  • Bagger injuries: At grocery stores like Publix, bagger can sustain injuries like traumatic brain injuries or broken bones in slips and falls, cuts and while bagging products, and injuries in assaults at the register;
  • Stockroom worker injuries: Stockroom workers at grocery stores are frequently injured by falling objects in struck-by incidents, as well as repetitive-motion injuries associated with lifting or twisting or turning;
  • Cashier injuries: At Publix stores across Florida, cashiers can be injured while walking to a new register in a slip and fall incident, or can sustain cuts and lacerations while using the cash register; and
  • Deli worker injuries: Workers in delis can be particularly susceptible to serious injuries since they often use slicing and other cutting tools, which can result in severe cuts and lacerations or traumatic amputations.

Contact a Pompano Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

Any Publix employee who got hurt on the job should get in touch with one of the experienced Pompano Beach workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. to find out more about seeking compensation. Through the Florida workers’ compensation system, you may be eligible for medical coverage, wage-replacement benefits, disability benefits, and more. To determine the specific types of compensation you can receive, you should reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible.


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