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Preventing Winter Weather Slip & Fall Accidents In Broward County

During the winter months, temperatures can get down into the twenties and teens even in Florida. When conditions are just right, frost, freezing rain, ice and even snow can occur. Because these conditions can cause potential dangers for those walking out of their apartment, into work, or into the supermarket or another store, property possessors are supposed to maintain their property to minimize a Florida slip and fall accident and injury.

What can property possessors do to help prevent winter weather slip and falls?

Property owners can take the following five steps during the winter to help reduce liability in a Florida slip and fall accident:

  1. Salt the walkways
  2. Clear the sidewalks and common walking areas of ice or snow
  3. Hire a contractor to remove the ice or snow
  4. Post warnings and caution off the area to warn people of the danger
  5. Roll out a no-slip mat

What can people do to help reduce their own chances of slipping and falling during the hazardous winter weather?

People can take the following five preventative measures in the winter time, including:

  1. Stay home and out of the winter weather, if possible
  2.  Wear slip resistant shoes or boots (shoes with rubber tread)
  3. Walk carefully by shortening your stride
  4. Take your time; don’t be in a hurry
  5. Wipe off wet shoes upon entering a building

Slip and falls occur when there is too little friction between the walking surface and a person’s shoes, and ice or other winter weather conditions have been known to increase a person’s chance of falling. While some falls may be the fault of an individual, some may be caused because of a property owner’s lack of upkeep, maintenance or failure to warn.

If you believe your South Florida slip and fall accident and injury was caused due to the negligence of a property owner, please call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-807-1334 for a free consultation with a premises liability lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to find out if you have a case.

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