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Parking Lot Driveway Dangers Florida Pedestrians Face

In dense commercial areas and every type of urban environment, there are driveways for vehicles to enter and exit parking lots. This activity and the interaction of pedestrians walking in parking lots, or along the street crossing over parking lot entrances, presents challenges. Unfortunately, many pedestrian accidents have occurred in Florida and nationwide at parking lot entrances.

Sometimes the design of the driveway or sidewalk, along with sight challenges that impact drivers and pedestrians, can lead to pedestrian accidents. Other accidents are a direct result of drivers not being observant of pedestrians or yielding to them as they enter and exit driveways. Drivers are often looking at the cars and are so focused on edging out into traffic that they are looking past pedestrians on sidewalks.

Pedestrians at Risk of Accidents Near Driveways

Unfortunately, pedestrians are vulnerable to being hit by cars at parking lot entrances. Although difficult to determine just how many pedestrian crashes occur at driveways, the Federal Highway Administration believes that eight percent of pedestrian accidents take place at driveways, especially involving children.

While any age of pedestrian can be struck by a car entering or exiting a parking lot, pedestrians who are mature and agile are more likely to avoid being in a crash. Whereas pedestrians who are in wheelchairs, move slower, or are smaller (like children) are often victims of parking lot pedestrian accidents.

When a negligent driver isn’t paying attention or looking out for pedestrians when entering or exiting a parking lot, the driver will often fail to yield—resulting in a pedestrian accident and injuries. Because driveways can present dangers for pedestrians, it is important that pedestrians pay attention when walking in the vicinity of any driveway. Additionally, drivers should always be watching out for pedestrians and bicyclists when entering and exiting parking lots.

Help is Here

If you have been injured in a South Florida pedestrian accident at a parking lot driveway, you may be entitled to damages. To find out about your rights and to collect the most compensation possible for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld. You will get to meet with a skilled injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale in a free consultation just by calling us today at 954-677-0155.

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