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Overloaded Trucks Cause Broward County Trucking Accidents

Tractor-trailers are heavier, longer, and call for more skill from truck drivers than those of other large vehicles. Not only do commercial truck drivers require more knowledge and training, but driving a tractor-trailer compels each individual to apply what they have learned.

Certain behaviors make a truck driver more dangerous than others. Some of the obvious unsafe driving behaviors that come to mind include: falling asleep at the wheel, driving too fast, and texting while driving. But overloading the bed of a truck is considered one of the riskiest choices that can be made.

The Department of Vehicles reports that more than of 50% of truck driver deaths result in rollovers. In fact, a fully loaded tractor-trailer is 10 times more likely to roll over in a collision than an empty big rig. Part of a truck driver’s job is to load the truck and load it properly. The more that is loaded, the heavier the load, and the higher the center of gravity. As you can picture this in your mind, the higher the center the gravity, the more likely the truck is to roll over.

Two major factors directly affect the likelihood of drivers tipping their rigs. First, the truck must NOT be overloaded. Secondly, truck drivers must take their turns cautiously, at a safe speed. One of these factors by itself can cause a fatal collision; combine the two, and it’s literally like waiting for an accident to happen.

Frequently, Broward County trucking companies and drivers are in violation of federal and state regulations which govern safe driving practices. Sadly, most deaths and injuries could have been prevented if mandated precautions had been properly observed by members belonging to the trucking industry.

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