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New Employees And Workers’ Compensation Claims


New employees in West Palm Beach and in businesses across the country may be more likely to suffer injuries on the job than employees who have been with the company for a lengthier period of time, according to a report from Travelers Insurance. Indeed, as Travelers explains, “more than one-third of workplace injuries occur within the first year of employment,” and those injuries “account for one-third of claim costs.” It is important to understand why new employees may sustain injuries at a higher rate than more experienced workers, and it is also essential to know that new employees can be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida when they do get hurt.

Our West Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyers want to provide you with more information about the Travelers analysis and about filing a workers’ compensation claim after you have just started a new job.

How New Employees Get Hurt and What Can Be Done to Prevent Injuries 

Why do new employees tend to get hurt on the job more frequently than employees with more experience at a given workplace? According to the Travelers analysis, first-year employees could be more likely to get hurt because they have not completed training programs and may not yet have a clear understanding of best practices concerning safety and injury prevention in the workplace.

As a Travelers risk control analyst explains in the company’s analysis, “safety training programs and practices should start before an employee’s first day and continue throughout the employee’s time at an organization.” In addition, South Florida employers should consider all of the following safety tips that may help to prevent injuries among first-year and other new employees:

  • Employers should discuss various safety protocols and the general culture of workplace safety created at the business with any potential new hires, and this information should be included in initial interviews and throughout the hiring process;
  • Employers should conduct a job safety analysis that “breaks down each step in a job, describes the hazards associated with each step, and defines the safe work method that minimizes or eliminates each hazard”;
  • Employers should ensure that new employees start training before their first day of work and that safety training remains ongoing throughout the first year of employment;
  • Businesses should create an accident analysis program to identify specific causes of workplace injuries among new employees so that they can take preventive measures; and
  • Employees should receive continued safety training and support throughout their careers at a particular business.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation Benefits as a New Employee 

Florida workers’ compensation law does not require new employees to undergo a waiting period of employment before they are eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Even if you get hurt on your first day of a new job, you may be eligible to get workers’ compensation coverage. In order to obtain coverage, initially you will need to:

  • Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from the date of the injury; and
  • Obtain medical care and treatment from an approved provider.

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