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New Article On Tires & Automobile Safety | Car Accident Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale

We recently posted an article about tires and automobile safety, including tips that help you know when to replace your tires and the unique situation of tires in the state of Florida.
Although fall is here and temperatures should be falling soon, the warmer state of Florida still poses threats to drivers due to the effects of tire pressure on roadway safety. According to the WBUR website, tires can wear quickly, and worn tires can lead to life-changing auto accidents. In cooler or more average-temperatured states, two to three pounds of pressure are applied to tires by the roadways, according to Expert Car Care’s George Aguro. In Florida, however, up to 10 pounds of pressure may occur, which is more than the amount of pressure already in a tire. As a result, a serious danger is inflating a tire more than it should be inflated, which could result it a highway blow-out.

The WBUR website offers some helpful tips to determine when it’s time to replace your tires:
1. Check the wear bars. Wear bars are on every tire but are only visible when you need new tires. Look for the narrow bands of rubber in the grooves of the tire tread.

2. Check the actual wear of the tires. If your tires skid a lot on wet roadways or you see signs of damage, change your tires. Skidding can cause serious auto accidents.

3. Perform the penny test. In the past, drivers placed a penny in the most shallow tread groove of their tires with Lincoln’s head on the bottom side. If they could see the top of his head, they knew the depth of their tire tread was okay.

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