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Negotiating with The Auto Insurance Company

When the other driver is to blame for your auto accident, you will most likely be talking with that driver’s insurance company. If you were injured in the car accident, the negotiation may become a little trickier.

Before you talk with the insurance adjuster, have all of your paperwork together, such as the police report, medical bills, pictures of the accident and pictures of your injuries. This information will help you discuss the facts of the case. The insurance adjuster may ask for copies of these documents.

Insurance adjusters are given a settlement range approved by the insurance company. Generally, the first offer you receive will be on the lower end of the range. It is not uncommon for insurance adjusters to use intimidation tactics when talking with you. For example, you may hear something similar to this statement, “we have settled many cases just like yours.” The details of each accident are unique and it is not realistic to assume that every settlement should be the same.

You should know the amount of money in which you are willing to settle before negotiating with the insurance company. When determining an appropriate insurance settlement, you will need to consider such factors as the cost to repair your vehicle, time spent away from work, your injuries, medical bills and pain you may have suffered. An auto accident attorney, such as David Benenfeld, can help you determine a reasonable figure. It is recommended that you contact a car accident lawyer before you even begin the negotiation process, as an attorney is experienced in working with insurance companies.

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