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More Hazardous Road Conditions In Florida Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Most Southern Floridians don’t realize that weather plays a part in countless serious motorcycle accidents. Apart from the rain, the slick and slippery roads contribute to various severe motorcycle injuries and fatalities. Slippery roads don’t only result from rain, and are far more dangerous for motorcycle than cars. Considering the difference in size and protection alone, motorcyclist enthusiasts face a multitude of troubles when their bikes hit slick roads.

Slippery Roads and Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists can get into serious crashes days and weeks after a dry spell. That first day, especially the first 30 minutes of rain, can turn suddenly fatal for motorcyclists. When the road’s mud and oil combine with even the smallest amount of moisture on the road, motorcycles are more likely to fall victim to accidents. Residents may be unaware that the road is slippery, even when it isn’t raining. Motorcyclists are more likely to be severely injured on slippery roads when they are cornering or turning.

Roads that are wet and slippery often include the following:

  • Oil and anti-freeze
  • Painted surfaces
  • Leaves and debris
  • Crosswalk lines

More Hazardous Road Conditions for Motorcycles

Railroad crossings are also very dangerous during rainy weather. Many have wood and metal between the tracks that become quite wet and slick, causing the motorcycle tires to get stuck and result in a serious accident. Another unexpected occurrence during rainy weather is animals, which pose a threat to motorcycles traveling on the open road. Even a small animal, such as a dog can throw a motorcyclist off guard, off balance, and off path. Whether the animal is considered alive or road kill, each is hazardous to motorcycle riders who try to swerve to avoid them.

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