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Medical Negligence Leads To Wrongful Deaths In Florida

More often than not, people die of natural causes; however, sometimes people die due to medical negligence. Sadly, many people who turn to doctors and hospitals for care have suffered wrongful deaths in Florida and nationwide.
There are numerous examples of negligence that occurs in hospital settings, such as:

  • Doctor orders an incorrect treatment for a patient
  • Physician makes a mistake when reading test results
  • Doctor misdiagnosis a patient
  • Surgeon makes a mistake during a procedure
  • Nurse gives patient wrong post-surgery care instructions
  • Doctor fails to review patient’s medical history or current medications
  • Doctor orders wrong medication
  • Pharmacist fills wrong medication or dosage of drugs
  • Nurse administers the wrong medication
  • Doctor fails to further test patient
  • Healthcare workers fail to monitor patient
  • Nurse or doctor fails to provide timely medical treatment
  • Doctor discharges patient too early

All of these examples of medical negligence can unnecessarily kill or injure people, and are sadly caused when healthcare workers drop the ball. While everyone makes mistakes, doctors and hospital workers are held to a different standard of care. If someone dies in their care or due to a delay in diagnosis or early discharge, doctors and hospitals can be held accountable for such a wrongful death.

As a result, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital and doctor involved to collect damages for the death of their loved one. If you believe a doctor or other healthcare worker was negligent in caring for your family member, and your loved one died as a result of medical negligence, you may have a claim for damages.

Learn about your rights and how to hold those responsible for your loved one’s death legally responsible for your losses and damages. Contact an experienced South Florida wrongful death lawyer at the Law Office of David Benenfeld to discuss your potential case in a free consultation at 954-677-0155.

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