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Know Your Facts About Florida Slip And Fall Settlements

Broward County residents who become injured in a slip and fall accident would be well advised to know their facts before agreeing to any sort of settlement. A qualified Broward County Slip and Fall Attorney can give you the quality specific counsel needed for your individual case. The following is a description of the most vital set of facts related to slip and fall settlements.

  1. Civil. Slip and fall cases are considered a civil case whereby an individual files a personal lawsuit against another person or entity in order to recover damages for the slip and fall accident.

  2. Homes and Businesses. Slip and fall accidents which occur in homes are also eligible for compensation. The majority of citizens are completely unaware that they have a legal right to pursue a recovery for their medical costs if the house is found to have unsafe conditions which caused the accident.

  3. Higher standards for businesses. Storeowners are held to higher standards than are homeowners when it comes to not showing negligence in fixing or cleaning up a condition which is proven to have caused the slip and fall accident.

  4. Skilled counsel. Many times slip and fall victims are embarrassed or so injured that they rush into accepting compensation far below what they deserve. It’s vital for victims to seek quality counsel from an experienced South Florida Slip and Fall Attorney.

  5. Never negligent. Business owners typically claim no negligence when it comes to admitting that they played a part in causing the slip and fall accident. Victims must speak with a slip and fall attorney who is well versed in negotiating settlements with these companies.

  6. Prove damages. It’s not enough to show that you slipped and fell, a victim must prove that he or she has incurred significant costs involved caused by the slip and fall accident.

  7. Out of court. Frequently, most slip and fall claims settle out of court with a large lump sum payment because the entity or individual prefers to protect their privacy.

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