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Insurance Policy & Coverage Quiz: South Florida Cities At Bottom Of Results

We just added a news item to our website about a recent study in which 600 Floridians were quizzed on insurance policy and coverage.

Do You Know Your Own Insurance Policies? New Study Says South Floridians Need to Review Their Coverage

Some of the results of a survey conducted by Squier Knapp Dunn and Beck Research this past August were released by Allstate Insurance Co. yesterday, November 3, according to the Sun Sentinel.  The poll quizzed approximately 600 insured drivers in 13 cities in the state of Florida, asking them to answer questions about their policy coverage.  The three least knowledgeable areas, based on the results, were Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

If you are unsure of what policies cover different incidents, feel free to contact auto accident attorney David Benenfeld. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, he is familiar with insurance company policy and how it affects an injured person after a car accident, and he will be glad to answer all your questions for free.  For general information on the subject, request a free copy of David Benenfeld’s book, Secrets Exposed: 7 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Auto Accident Case.

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