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How to Protect a Loved One from Nursing Home Elder Abuse in Florida

The dreaded decision that had to be made for your elderly parent was made.  It was time to find a nursing home facility in Broward, Florida for your loved one to live. Elder abuse in Florida and nationwide is a great concern for many. It is important that you check out any of the facilities you are considering before a decision is made.

How do you know what nursing care facility in Broward County is best for your loved one?

Any time you are searching for a nursing care facility or assisted living home there are several things that you need to look for.

There is a nursing home guide that you can review at that is written by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). This guide will give you details about each nursing home and assisted living facility and results of recent surveys. These surveys will alert you to any Florida elder abuse or problems for each facility. It also will give you star ratings.

Visit the Nursing Home and Observe

It is always important to visit the nursing home or facility before you make a final decision.  Make the following observations:

  • What does the facility smell like when walking through?  Does it smell clean?
  • What is the nursing staff to resident ratio?
  • What services do they provide?
  • Is therapy and treatment part of their program?

How do I protect my loved one against elder abuse in Broward County?

There are things you can do to prevent elder abuse in a nursing care facility.

  • Visit your loved one often
  • Visit at different times
  • Physically check your loved ones body
  • Review nursing home charts:  Look for medications records
  • Check cleanliness of room
  • Review nutrition chart
  • Track your loved ones personal belongs such as money and jewelry

If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse in Broward County, you need to contact an elder abuse attorney.  An experienced Broward County elder abuse attorney can help you remove your loved one from the nursing care facility and contact the appropriate authorities for an investigation.  You or your loved one may be able to be compensated for elder abuse from the nursing home facility.

Call the law office of David Benenfeld for a FREE consultation to discuss your case with an experienced Broward County elder abuse attorney. Act quickly so you can protect your loved one from any further abuse. Call: 954-677-0155.

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