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How To Prepare Proof For A Wrongful Termination Suit

When you’ve been fired or think you might be terminated from your job for reasons you believe are improper, you need to take action to protect your rights. While consulting with an attorney is important, there are a few wrongful Imagetermination suit tips you can use to prepare for a potential lawsuit.

Take diligent notes before you’re terminated

If you have reason to believe you’ll be fired without cause, it’s important to start creating a paper trail and jotting down notes related to your termination. Make a record of all work-related encounters, such as meetings, reprimands, salary cuts and comments made by your boss about your performance. Note all the details about time, date and who was present.

Request a written document listing reasons for termination

During the meeting where your boss fires you, make sure to ask for something in writing that indicates why you’re being terminated. You can request snail mail, email or other written communication. Follow up with additional requests if you don’t receive word within a few days.

Draft a Letter of Understanding

If it becomes apparent that your former employer will not be sending a document regarding your termination, you should take the matter into your own hands. You can draw up a Letter of Understanding that lists the reasons you believe you’ve been terminated in the absence of your boss’s document.

Continue note taking after your termination

Once you leave your position, it’s important to remain diligent with recording the details about communications with your employer. Continue to take notes about all contact.

If you have questions about your circumstances or would like additional wrongful termination suit tips, please contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A. Our knowledgeable attorneys have experience in dealing with improper actions by employers and other employment law matters.

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