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How To File For A Social Security Disability Insurance Claim In Broward County

Social Security Disability Insurance is like having an insurance plan. In order to be able to make a claim you must have paid social security taxes over a period of time and have recently contributed to your social security tax in order to be eligible for a disability insured status.

In order to be fully insured in Broward County for Social Security disability insurance you must have one quarter credit for every calendar year from the time you turned 21 continuing to the calendar year before becoming disabled. If you are over 31 years of age you must have 20 quarters of coverage out of the 40 calendar quarters before you become disabled.

File a Claim

If you feel you have been disabled and cannot return to work in the near future, there is no way for you to know if Social Security will approve your claim. Don’t let the uncertainty sway your decision to file a Dade County Social Security disability claim. Make your decision to file a claim based on what your medical condition is and your belief that you can no longer return to work in the near future.

The paperwork and forms can be overwhelming for someone who is filing a Social Security disability claim. Social Security may deny your claim but you can appeal their denial. Contacting an experienced Social Security disability attorney can evaluate your claim and help you with your submission and appeal if you were denied any benefits.

Social Security Disability Filing Tips

Review the following tips if you are disabled and unable to work now and in the future.
File right away — Social Security Disability Insurance claims don’t happen overnight. It can be a lengthy process and in some cases take up to two years to be approved or denied. If your claim is denied the process to appeal may take a long time.

Get legal advice — Many claims are denied. A denial can be made by simply filling out the papers and forms incorrectlyand not properly documenting your claim. If your initial claim has been denied you need to get legal advice from a BrowardCounty Social Security disability attorney that can help you get your appeal processed, and submit the proper paperwork. Your attorney can make sure that you are prepared for the appeal hearings and make sure the deadlines are met for your claim.

Continue your medical treatment — If you are seeing a physician and need continued medical treatment, make sure you have documentation and reports showing your disability. By continuing your ongoing medical treatment, following the advice of your physicians and providing documented medical evidence to Social Security, your Social Security Disability claim will have a better chance for an approval.

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