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How to Deal With a Car Accident Claim Involving a Rental Car

Maybe you arrived in Florida yesterday or at some point in the last few days excited to soak up the rays, take in the beautiful sites of the ocean, or visit some of the best theme parks. Whatever your agenda while in Florida, one thing is for certain: you didn’t plan on being in a car accident. But that’s exactly what happened, and now you are left wondering how you should handle a car accident claim involving a rental car.

Handling an Injury Claim When a Rental Car Is Involved

Being in a car accident in a rental car is handled almost in the same way you would handle being in a crash in your own vehicle. Make sure you exchange contact information and insurance policy information with the other driver. Also, if it is possible due to the extent of your injuries, take pictures of the accident scene and the damage done to both vehicles.

The primary concern after a crash is getting you or anyone else in your vehicle medical attention. If you or your passengers even feel the slightest amount of pain, it is critical to your health and potential personal injury claim that you call 911 for an ambulance or that you go to the emergency room. While visiting the ER is probably the last thing you want to do while on vacation, it is one of the most important things you can do for the validity of your injury claim.

After these steps, you will need to contact the rental car company and your own insurance company to report the accident. Find out from your insurance company if you need to file an accident report with the local police. Also, if you’re like most people who declined the extra insurance the rental car company attempted to sell you, you might be panicked and wondering if you have any insurance coverage at all.

The good news is that your liability insurance should kick in to cover your damages. For example, your liability insurance would cover your medical bills, and collision and comprehensive coverage would cover the damage to the rental car. If someone else was at fault for the crash and accident-related injuries, your insurance company will go after that responsible party.

As with any traffic accident injury, it is important to pursue a lawsuit if the insurance company is offering you an unfair settlement or if the injuries are serious. For this reason, it is always best to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. To get your questions answered by a local lawyer around the Fort Lauderdale area, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 for a free consultation.

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