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Holding Manufacturers Liable For Florida Wrongful Death Accidents

Many consumers would like to believe that manufacturers produce safe products that wouldn’t harm them, but this is not the truth. Many manufacturers of toys, tires, drugs and medical devices are constantly releasing dangerous, defective products that can cause harm to consumers.  In fact, sometimes these harmful products have been the cause of wrongful death accidents in Florida and throughout this nation. Such items include:

  • Children’s products – over the years there have been defective cribs, toys and other baby items that have been produced by various companies that have resulted in senseless tragedies.

  • Drugs – many drug companies have produced harmful medications that have resulted in deaths of innocent victims.

  • Medical devices –medical devices and equipment such as pain patches have led to overdoses and deaths that could have been avoided if the products would have been better tested before being released into the market.

  • Tires – tire manufacturers have had to recall defective tires over the years; however, sometimes their recall has come too late and some have already suffered fatally.

Although deaths in South Florida can occur anytime, it is unthinkable that large companies can produce harmful products that cause wrongful deaths. If you are the family member of someone who was killed by a harmful product, you may be entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida again the responsible party or company.

When companies produce defective toys, tires or other products that cause your family member to die unexpectedly, you should not have to be left trying to heal emotionally and deal with the financial burden the loss caused you and your family.

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