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Head Injuries That Result In South Florida Motorcycle Accidents

The excitement that motorcyclists have for riding their motorcycles seems to overpower their fears for suffering a serious injury if or when they are involved in a South Florida motorcycle accident. Because many bikers’ excitement comes from feeling the wind in their hair and sun on their body, they often chose to not wear helmets in the Sunshine State. However, when motorcycle helmets aren’t worn, motorcyclists are at risk for suffering head and brain injuries in the event of a crash.

When a motorcycle crash occurs and a motorcyclist isn’t wearing a helmet, he or she could suffer head trauma. Three types of head injuries motorcyclists suffer from include:

  • Concussion – when a concussion occurs from the head being jolted around or hitting the ground, a motorcyclist can suffer memory loss and even amnesia.
  • Facial trauma – when a motorcyclist’s face hits a hard object or slides on the ground, the rider can suffer cuts, bruises, broken facial bones, broken nose, and road burns.
  • Traumatic brain injury – when an external force enters the brain during the crash, a motorcyclist can suffer a penetrating head injury. Although there are different severity levels of traumatic brain injuries, many victims suffer some brain damage, permanent disabilities, and behavioral problems.

A head injury can involve injury to the brain, scalp, and skull; however, a head injury typically refers to a traumatic brain injury. According to the Department of Health in the State of Florida, the definition of a brain injury is, “an insult to the skull, brain or its covering, resulting from external trauma, which produces an altered state of consciousness or anatomic, motor, sensory, cognitive or behavioral deficit.”

Because a person’s verbal and motor skills, as well as memory and behavior, can be affected when a head injury occurs, any type of head injury can be serious and will require medical attention. Victims of Broward County motorcycle accidents who have suffered a head injury should also contact a professional for legal help.

An experienced South Florida personal injury lawyer may be able to help you understand your rights, protect your interests, and fight for your fair recovery. Call the Law Office of David Benenfeld for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your case.  Call: 954-677-0155.

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