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Fractures At Work


Many different types of injuries can happen at work, and it is important to know that injuries can occur regardless of whether you work in an industry that is known to be dangerous or in a job that seems relatively risk-free. One type of injury that can happen at almost any place of employment is a bone fracture, or a broken bone. These injuries can have a wide range of causes, and they can result from a wide variety of job tasks. In some cases, a worker might suffer a broken bone while performing a specific job duty, while in other cases, a worker might break a bone in a slip and fall accident that happens while they are walking from their desk to the restroom. As long as an injury arises out of a worker’s employment, it is typically compensable through the Florida workers’ compensation system. Our Pompano Beach workers’ compensation lawyers want to provide you with more information about bone fractures at work.

What is a Fracture? 

Fractures, which are also known as bone fractures, are broken bone injuries. As the Cleveland Clinic explains, fractures can occur in different ways, and they are “classified by their pattern, cause, and where they happen in your body.” The Cleveland Clinic clarifies that most fractures result from traumatic accidents, such as fall injuries or vehicle collisions. At the same time, some types of fractures can result from repetitive motions and are typically described as stress fractures. Either type of fracture injury — traumatic fractures or stress fractures — can arise out of a person’s employment.

You should know that fractures and bone bruises are two different types of injuries, but both can occur under similar circumstances, and both can be painful. Depending upon how an injury happened, both fractures and bone bruises may be compensable through the workers’ compensation system in Florida, but it will be critical to have a medical diagnosis. In general, fractures are more severe than bone bruises, and bone fractures typically take much more time to heal. Other injuries that may be confused with fractures but are also distinct are sprains and strains. These are tendon or ligament injuries that can also occur in workplace accidents or as a result of repetitive motions required for your job.

Types of Fractures at Work 

What types of fractures tend to occur in workplaces? Nearly any type of bone fracture can result from repetitive stress or a trauma on the job, including but not limited to:

  • Clavicle fracture;
  • Shoulder fracture;
  • Humerus fracture;
  • Elbow fracture;
  • Rib fracture;
  • Compression fracture;
  • Facial fracture;
  • Barton fracture (affecting the hands or wrists);
  • Chauffeur fracture (affecting the hands or wrists);
  • Colles fracture (affecting the hands or wrists);
  • Smith fracture (affecting the hands or wrists);
  • Scaphoid fracture (affecting the hands or wrists);
  • Metacarpal fracture (affecting the hands or wrists);
  • Pelvic fracture;
  • Hip fracture;
  • Femur fracture;
  • Patella fracture;
  • Tibia fracture; and
  • Fibula fracture.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Pompano Beach

 If you believe you suffered a fracture on the job, it is critical to inform your employer as soon as possible and to see a health care provider for an accurate medical assessment. One of the experienced Pompano Beach workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. can then assess your case and can help you to seek compensation.


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