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Fondling And Groping By Caregivers Is Nursing Home Abuse In Florida

As the population continues to age, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are growing in size across our nation. While these facilities are needed to care for the elderly, some of these places aren’t necessarily safe. Although people don’t want to think that a nursing home they entrust their loved one to could cause their relative harm or abuse, it has occurred.

While nursing homes are supposed to provide quality care and health services, there are some people who work within these facilities who do not provide compassionate care. Instead, they deviate from the standard level of care and the practices and policies of the nursing home or assisted living facility—behaving abusively. Sometimes this abusive behavior comes out in groping residents.

What Is Groping?

Groping is inappropriately touching another person in a sexual way. An abuser uses his or her hands to perform the act and touches victims’ private parts; however, an abuser might also press his or her body against victims. Groping can occur when someone is inappropriately touched underneath or over clothing. It is often referred to as fondling or even molestation because victims don’t ask or want to be touched or consent to sexual activity.

How Does This Horrific Act Occur in Nursing Homes?

It is shocking to think, but groping and fondling can and has occurred in nursing homes. In fact, some staff members entrusted to bathe residents have decided to grope residents while bathing them. Several years ago, two teen girls hired as part-time aides at a nursing home were found guilty of groping Alzheimer’s residents. What this means is that some nursing homes aren’t being careful in their hiring processes.

Workers who are in positions to mistreat residents should have the appropriate training, licenses, and have background checks. When nursing homes cut corners—just trying to save money—the wrong people might be hired. Unfortunately because of this, vulnerable and valued seniors have become victims of sexual abuse in Florida nursing homes.

If your loved one has been inappropriately touched by someone working for the nursing home, you need to contact a Broward County nursing home abuse lawyer at the Law Office of David Benenfeld at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 for a free case consultation today.

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