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Floridians Beware Of Serious Side Effects from Sleeping Pill Ambien

The common thread that most people find with taking sleeping pills is their side effects, which can sometimes be very dangerous. For example, they may cause unusual reactions that affect and impair their behavior. Many consumers of sleeping aides report an increase in slip and fall accidents, as well as driving-related impairments which often lead to auto accidents.

Who takes Ambien? Not restricted for consumption by world travelers, shift workers, and insomniacs. Ambien is used by average Broward County citizens who are simply too stressed to sleep. While someone may feel desperate to take almost anything to fall asleep, especially when willingly prescribed by their own doctor, they often regret it. Ambien is a powerful hypnotic drug and is found to cause more than a few cases to cause serious changes in behavior, which are likely to cause severe injuries.

Ambien Side Effects

The well respected Mayo Clinic conducted a study in November 2012, which revealed staggering implications and results which have put a dramatic halt to their hospital’s use of Ambien.  Mayo Clinic patients who were taking Ambien were found to fall four times greater than those who were not taking Ambien. What was even more interesting to researchers was that the incidence of falls for those taking Ambien was far greater than for patients who had been diagnosed with old age, delirium, or mental impairment. After discovering the rapid increase in slip and fall accidents by their hospital patients who were taking Ambien, the Mayo Clinic decided to phase out their patients’ use of this hypnotic drug.

Get Help for Ambien Related Injuries

Broward County individuals who have become injured or ill while using Ambien may qualify for compensation for their loss. Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free legal consultation to determine if you have brain injury symptoms from a Broward County slip and fall accident. Call 954-677-0155.

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