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Florida Slip And Fall Accidents Can Cause Serious Tailbone Injuries

When Florida slip and fall accidents occur in a grocery store, office building, apartment complex, or big box store, many people end up falling on their tailbones. Unfortunately, tailbone injuries are very painful and can take a long time to heal. Even if a tailbone isn’t fractured, bruised tailbones can still make it hard to drive, work, or do the things you love due to significant discomfort.

What Is a Tailbone Injury?

A tailbone is the three to five bones in a triangular structure at the base of one’s spine. These bones, called the coccyx, are held together by ligaments and joints at the bottom of the vertebral column. When someone falls backwards, the tailbone is often exposed and injured.

Who Is More Likely to Suffer Tailbone Injuries?

Women over men are more susceptible to tailbone injuries due to the way the female body is made. The pelvis is broader in women, which exposes the tailbone. Also, elderly people are more likely to suffer tailbone injuries due to their fragile bones.

Understanding Tailbone Injuries

When someone falls backwards in a Florida slip and fall accident due to a slippery floor or hazardous condition, the person often suffers a bruised, fractured or broken tailbone.

  • Bruised tailbone. This is the most minor type of tailbone injury; however, it can still be painful and require rest and recovery.

  • Fractured tailbone. This type of tailbone injury is often difficult for a doctor to diagnose. Patients will need to be their own advocates and express the pain they are feeling and make sure a doctor provides a thorough exam.

  • Broken tailbone. This type of tailbone injury occurs when a chip of the bone breaks off. This can be very painful and sometimes require surgery.

If a tailbone is bruised, healing time can take four to eight weeks or more. If a tailbone is fractured, recovery can take over eight weeks. Sometimes, broken tailbones can cause severe pain that can last up to a year or longer. In some cases steroid injections or surgery is needed. Unfortunately, this can take six months or more before painful symptoms start to improve.  While rare, some people with tailbone injuries never fully recover.

When people suffer tailbone injuries that causes them pain and discomfort, they may need medical treatment, rest, physical therapy, and time off of work to heal. Unfortunately, this often causes significant financial issues due to the expensive medical bills and lost wages. For this reason, victims of slip and fall accidents need to seek legal help.

An experienced lawyer will know how to get you the most compensation possible in your case. Contact a skilled slip and fall injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 for a free consultation today.

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