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Florida Nursing Home Sexual Abuse: What To Look For!

Respect Your Elders?

According to research statistics elder abuse has, without any moral compass, replaced elder respect by a wide margin. What’s even more difficult to conceive is the South Florida sexual abuse incidence rate of elders living in nursing homes. It has been noted that over 80% of elder sexual abuse occurs within nursing home facilities.

What is elder sexual abuse?

Elder sexual abuse applies to adults over age 60, and refers to the behavior of pressuring, tricking, or manipulating a person to have sexual contact. The behavior usually involves unwanted physical contact, but may also entail showing sexually explicit images such as pornography. Sexual assault against the elderly is common because these individuals are more likely to lack the mental capacity to refuse consent.

Who are the perpetrators of elder sexual abuse?

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to take advantage of someone who is as helpless and vulnerable as the elderly. But the common sexual perpetrator doesn’t have the same character reference as the girl or boy next door, either. Typically, these are people who have a history of being sexually abused themselves, and often persons with some degree of a psychological disorder and/or criminal history.

Most people who sexually abuse elders are not friends or family members, but caregivers or other residents. Many facilities are still lacking in their efficiency of performing psychological and criminal background, as well as monitoring interactions between residents and employees.

What are the signs of elderly sexual abuse?

If you have a loved one within a Florida nursing home facility or any other state, it is important to realize that they are at risk of sexual abuse. The following list describes the most common signs and symptoms to look for to determine if your loved one may have been sexually abused.

Physical Signs of Elderly Sexual Abuse:

  • Sudden difficulty walking or standing
  • Pain, bleeding, itching in the genital area
  • Bruising on breasts or inner thighs
  • STD’S-sexually transmitted disease

Emotional Signs of Elderly Sexual Abuse:

  • Withdrawn or depressed
  • Odd sexual comments
  • Sudden personality change
  • Scared or timid

Get Help!

Sadly, the elderly are an easy target for sexual abuse within nursing homes. Although employees working within nursing homes are mandated to report any suspicion of elder abuse, the reality is they do not. Many elderly persons who are sexually assaulted are either mentally unaware of what actually transpired, or often lack the ability to recall the event in order to report the crime.

If you suspect that your loved one may be a victim of sexual abuse within a nursing home facility, it is vital that you attain expert legal advice from an experienced elder abuse attorney in Florida before further abuse occurs. South Florida Elder Abuse Attorney David Benenfeld is dedicated to helping elderly victims of sexual abuse. Contact us for a free legal consultation or call today: 954-677-0155.

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