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Florida Nursing Home Abuse/Bedsores

Caregivers within nursing homes are paid to provide for the needs of their patients.

Family members, who have had to place a loved one within a Florida nursing home, often come to the terms with the fact that the quality of care is frequently compromised.  Nursing home patients who are confined to either a wheelchair or a bed are susceptible to getting bedsores. Bedsores within nursing homes are so prevalent that many people come to the false assumption that it is a necessary evil to being bedridden.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although common, bedsores are not at all a necessary evil to being in a nursing home. In fact, the Federal Government’s Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, specifically requires that nursing homes make certain that their patients do NOT get bedsores.

Bedsores, also called pressure sores, occur when a patient lies or sits for long periods of time without the assistance of being moved or rotated by a caregiver. Lesions on the skin develop due to continuous pressure and lack of oxygen between the bones and surrounding bedding surface.  Bedsores are entirely preventable with proper care within a nursing home.

If a Florida nursing home patient has suffered from bedsores, then the facility may be responsible for neglect and or abuse.

An individual who suffers from bedsores within a nursing home may be totally unaware of their own symptoms and need for help. If you know someone who resides within a Florida nursing home and suffers from bedsores, you should consider talking to a qualified attorney. A fair amount of evidence is required in order to prove nursing home abuse.

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