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Florida Motorcycle Clubs: Is There Safety In Numbers?

“Safety in numbers” is a well coined phrase, often over-used by many American mothers urging their children to stay in a group to protect against any type of harm or injury that might happen if left alone. The hypothesis presumes that being part of a large group makes an individual proportionately less likely to becoming tomorrow’s headline accident news.

For someone considering joining a motorcycle or riding club, this may be part of their way of thinking. That is, that to travel in numbers brings more safety. But according to national traffic accident statistics, motorcyclists who travel in groups may in fact be more susceptible to being seriously injured or even killed in a motorcycle accident. Below is a list of likely causes of motorcycle injuries and fatalities which occur when bikers travel in groups.

Motorcycle Group Accidents-Causes and Effects

  1. Attempt to Pass. If a passenger vehicle attempts to pass a group of motorcyclists, the maneuver often causes collision with another car/truck, which then triggers a domino effect among innocent bikers. The Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club lost 5 of their riders when a Honda Civic tried to pass their group, but collided into a minivan, who swerved into their group of 12-killing 5.

  2. Speed. Whether the need for speed comes from either the passenger vehicle or the motorcycle, it has been found to be lethal in groups of bikers.

  3. Gang Territory. Only outlaws belonging to the “One-Percenters” refer to the groups that fight over territory, such as that which occurred in Laughlin, NV where 3 bikers were left dead when the Mongols MC and Hells Angels fought over right of land.

Broward County motorcyclists pay a high price for their freedom, often resulting in serious injury, such as paralysis and head trauma or death. Because motorcycles don’t provide the safety and security of seat belts, air bags, insulation, and structure of an automobile, they are incredibly vulnerable to mistakes made by other drivers. We’re used to blaming the motorcyclist, but in actuality, more than 2/3 of Florida motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver of the other vehicle.  Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to find out what your legal rights are and how to receive help. Call: 866-9-HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 to meet with a skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

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