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Florida May Allow Cities To Ban Dog Breeds

One bill being considered by the Florida State Legislature this term would all cities to ban any breed of dog they deem dangerous to their communities. The bill, which is sponsored by Perry Thurston, D-Plantation, would allow cities to ban certain breeds of dogs which have been responsible for large numbers of attacks.

The bill is similar to the ban on pit bulls in Miami-Dade that has been in effect for the last twenty years.

The new bill would amend current Florida Dog Bite Law. Under the current law, municipalities are not able to ban specific breeds, but owners are held accountable for any damage done by their dogs.

But this bill misses the point. Florida should be encouraging responsible dog ownership, instead of banning certain breeds of dogs. Yes, some dogs are more aggressive than others, but if the owners who love these dogs can take responsible steps to keep their dogs from attacking humans or other dogs, the legislature wouldn’t have to address this problem.

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