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Florida Auto Accident Settlements: What You Need To Know!

Car accident victims have a lot on their plate, and often overlook priceless details that can make or break their case. If you have sustained serious injuries from a Broward County auto accident, the following information will give you the supportive guidance that you need.

  1. When do I file my auto accident injury claim? You won’t receive your settlement until you have reached your Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). Car accident victims typically don’t realize that while they need to keep seamless records during their treatment, insurance companies will not consider awarding a judgment for a while yet.  The patient must completely recover from his injures, as much as is considered medically stable and/ or achieve a stable condition. It’s vital for victims to wait to present their claim in order to show cumulative records which are needed to prove significant loss.  Within the state of Florida, an auto accident injury claim must be filed within four years, within the proper jurisdiction, or the case may be barred.

  2. What is a demand package? First, the victim must collect all of the necessary information that proves the liability of the other driver, as well as all of the info that explains the severity of the injuries. The plaintiff must submit a demand package to the insurance company that represents the other driver in order to collect damages. This step is vital, and victims are often overwhelmed and eager to collect compensation without skilled legal counsel.

If you were in a South Florida car accident and have been injured, it is vital that you seek quality support from a skilled Accident Attorney in Broward County who understands the emotional, medical, financial, and legal issues that are at hand.

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