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Five Most Common Workers’ Compensation Hazards in Florida

Regardless of one’s occupation, accidents and injuries happen.

Work-related tasks often involve some degree of risk. It is however, the employer’s responsibility to provide and ensure a safe environment for their workers. While some types of employment come with obvious potential for serious accidents to occur, even those that appear to be completely safe are ridden with hidden dangers.

Florida’s Five Most Common Workplace Hazards

  1. Physical Hazards – the most common workplace hazard in Florida falls under the category of physical hazards. Freshly mopped floors are a widely recognized culprit for slip and fall injuries, as well as poorly maintained walkways. Other physical hazards include exposed electrical wires, dangerous moving parts, loud noises, unguarded machinery, unstable ladders and scaffolding, and workplace noise and vibration.

  2. Ergonomic Hazards – typing, assembly-line work, and other repetitive types of jobs are known to put disproportionate amount of pressure and strain on the body, joints, and muscles. While not immediately recognized, ergonomic hazards cause serious workplace injuries including neck strain, back problems, and carpal-tunnel syndrome. Employees may suffer from over exertion caused by repetitive lifting, pushing, and carrying.

  3. Chemical & Biological Hazards – employees who work with chemical exposure and preparation that involve toxic solutions such as cleaning products, carbon monoxide, gasoline, asbestos, fumes and vapors, and other flammable products are prime targets for serious illness and disease. Employees who work in the medical field are often exposed to biological hazards which include bacteria, virus, body fluids, blood, and animal-related disease.

  4. Workplace Violence – high stress jobs and close working quarters are a serious hazard that often turns lethal within the workplace. Employees responsible for guarding money are easy targets for robbery and violence. Working very early in the morning or late in the evening tend to involve more violence within the workplace.

  5. Vehicle Hazards – occupations that involve vehicles or transportation often cause work injuries. Employers are responsible for properly maintaining vehicles used on the job, as well as keeping their employees safe. Being hit by a vehicle, falling from a vehicle, and getting injured from falling objects on vehicles are all likely vehicle hazards. Employers also must ensure that their workers have proper attire to shield them from injury such as hefty gloves, helmets, clothing, and work boots.

Broward County employers and employees should be well educated when it comes to preventing the five most common workplace hazards. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe workplace. If an employer shows negligence in preventing a workplace hazard, then the employee has a right to file a claim.

In the misfortune that an employee has been injured on the job, it is essential to report the injury to the employer within 30 days and contact a skilled South Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney to ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled.

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