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Find a Slip and Fall Attorney for Faster Results

Slip and fall injuries can be embarrassing, and that sometimes leads people to keep their injuries to themselves.  This can cause serious havoc with your financial situation, at the very least, so it is important that you consider seeking damages from the property owner for their negligence.  The Small Claims Courts see slip and fall cases on a regular basis, and many injured parties attempt to sue the defendant on their own.  What you must remember is that most of these businesses or premises owners will have their own legal counsel, and you will find it next to impossible to win a case without your own attorney.

Miami slip and fall attorneys are experienced with these particular cases.  You will find it very hard to prove that the property owner was at fault for your fall, but an attorney with experience will know exactly how to handle your case.  You must set aside your embarrassment over your fall so that you can adequately prepare to collect the damages from the negligent party.

Most Miami slip and fall attorneys will not require a retainer or an hourly fee.  If you do contact a lawyer that requires payment up front for any reason, then you might consider finding someone else as soon as possible.  Be wary of attorneys that want to settle quickly and for an amount lower than what you deserve.  Because slip and fall attorneys often collect their fee from the compensation that you are awarded, many lawyers will settle quickly just to receive their paycheck.  You deserve to have someone that will stand beside you through the whole process, even going to trial if necessary.

Just remember that any injury that you sustain while on the job will fall under the workersÕ compensation category, and you will not be able to collect additional compensation from your employer.  If this is the case for you, then you will probably need to consider seeking a workersÕ compensation lawyer to guide you that particular process.  If you are injured on the job by a third party, then you do have legal recourse available, and an attorney will be invaluable in helping you determine the fault.  Keep in mind that posted signs that warn of dangerous conditions can hurt your case tremendously.  If the defendant can prove that you were the careless party, then you could find yourself paying your own medical bills, and maybe a host of legal fees.

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