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Financial Exploitation Of Florida Nursing Home Residents

Families often have to make the difficult decision to put their aging mother or father into a Florida nursing home—trusting that the nursing home will take care of their loved one. Sadly, seniors in nursing homes are sometimes mistreated. While physical abuse may be easy to spot, one type of nursing home abuse that is often difficult to detect right away is elder financial exploitation.

It is estimated that elder financial exploitation is the most common form of senior abuse occurring in this nation today. Unfortunately, this problem is a difficult one to prevent because financial abusers can be anyone that has access to seniors, such as:

  • Caregivers
  • Nurses
  • Other nursing home employees
  • Other nursing home residents

Typically, people who take financial advantage of seniors have infiltrated their lives over a period of weeks and months. By forming a relationship, seniors may feel they have a bond with the person and might not know what to do. Additionally, seniors who are being taken advantage of financially may lie about being exploited due to embarrassment.

How Families Can Spot and Stop Elder Financial Exploitation in Florida Nursing Homes

Because financial exploitation at a nursing home can be occurring without your knowledge, it is best that you or other trustworthy family members keep an eye on your loved one’s finances. This means that you should review a rundown of all monthly credit card charges, checking and savings account summaries, and bank statements. You should also know how much cash and valuable possessions like jewelry your loved one has in his or her possession.

If something seems suspicious or doesn’t add up with your loved one’s finances, ask him or her. If your elderly loved one cannot communicate, speak up. Ask the nursing home administration about questionable charges so they know you are aware there is an issue. Even if no one on the nursing home staff may be responsible for the financial exploitation of your relative, they have a responsibility to keep your loved one and his or her possessions safe.

Nursing home residents have the right to be protected from financial exploitation. In fact, financial exploitation of others is a crime. You may want to notify authorities and bring charges against the wrongdoer for what he or she has done. Additionally, your family may have a claim for damages against the nursing home for failing to ensure your loved one was safe from exploitation.

To help your loved one get financial compensation for the damages your relative has suffered, it is important to seek legal help. Contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld to speak with a knowledgeable South Florida nursing home abuse attorney who can inform you of your legal rights in a free consultation. Dial 954-807-1334 today.

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