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Why Is It So Important For A Biker To Have A Witness For A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Unless traveling a long distance, the majority of Broward County motorcyclists prefer to ride alone. Bikers are also highly outnumbered compared to auto and truck drivers. Since many vehicle drivers carry passengers that serve as useful witnesses, bikers often feel unsupported when it comes to relaying the accident facts to an officer, attorney, or insurance claim agent.

Even though auto drivers are held responsible for causing most motorcycle accidents, they still tend to express a sense of entitlement, simply because they aren’t sympathetic to the dangerous plight of bikers.

If you are in a Florida motorcycle accident, attempt to gather as many witnesses as possible. Talk to all of the witnesses and make notes or record their comments with your cell phone. If you’re only able to get their contact information, make sure to contact witnesses within 24 hours to get detailed information about the accident.


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