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Why Do People Put Their Loved Ones In A Nursing Home Anyhow?

Question: Years ago, my parents decided to put my grandma in a Broward County nursing home. Since then, I keep hearing about all of these problems she’s having from the facility giving her the wrong medications. Why do people put their loved ones in nursing homes anyhow?

Answer: Most families are not qualified to care for an elderly loved one.  This is especially true if the loved one is experiencing health issues. Since the elderly take, on average, over one dozen meds per day, family members often decide to put their loved one in a nursing home so they can be properly given their medications.

That being said, nursing homes are truly a necessity. Sadly, your grandma is one of tens of thousands of victims who has received the wrong medication within a nursing home. It is important that you contact a Broward County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney before your grandma suffers any longer.

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