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What Things Do I Have To Show In Order To Have A Valid Wrongful Death Claim On Behalf Of My Loved One Who Was Prematurely Discharged From The Hospital?

If you believe your loved one died as a result of medical negligence on the part of a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare worker, you may have a wrongful death claim. However, wrongful death claims are complex and require a lot of proof.

Here is a list of some things that possibly need to be established in your case.

  • Discharged too early from the hospital was a result of medical negligence. You will need to show that discharging your loved one prematurely was caused by a doctor’s negligence. This is not easy to prove without the help of a wrongful death attorney who will conduct a thorough investigation. Maybe a doctor misread or misinterpreted the lab results. Whatever the reason, you (or your attorney) will need to prove that the doctor who discharged your loved one breached the reasonable standard of care.
  • Discharged prematurely caused the wrongful death of your loved one. You will need to show that the early discharge caused your family member to suffer needlessly. Because this will be difficult to prove, you should work closely with a lawyer and medical expert to help prove the premature discharge caused your loved one’s wrongful death.
  • Discharged too early caused your damages and losses. You will need to show that your loved one’s death has caused you unnecessary medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of wages, and grief and mental anguish.

For help establishing a strong wrongful death claim and to make sure you get all the compensation you deserve after such a tragic event, you should contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld. You will receive a free consultation from an experienced South Florida wrongful death attorney simply by calling 954-677-0155 today.

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