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What Should Someone Do If They Were Injured In A “Freak” Bicycle Accident?

Numerous freakish bicycle accidents in Florida occur that may cause severe injury and death. While not that common, these types of accidents are still eligible for compensation. Below is a list of freak bicycle accidents which have recently made headlines.

Recent Freak Bicycle Accident Headlines:

  1. History professor lost leg when struck by truck hauling a John Deere 8ft tractor lawn saw.  While the victim could have pressed charges, he decided not to, saying it was a freak accident.
  2. Racing cyclist killed after plowing into a truck that blew a tire. Noted to be completely avoidable, the cycling community has cancelled multiple races in the victim’s honor.

The Most Common Broward County bicycle accidents have been identified as the following:

  1. Intersection Slam: Bicyclists are killed or injured by vehicles within intersections
  2. Driver Door Smack: Bicyclists are injured when vehicles unexpectedly open door
  3. Crosswalk Crash: Bicyclists are injured and killed within crosswalks by distracted drivers
  4. Going Against the Flow: Bicyclists who drive against flow of traffic incur serious injuries
  5. Red Light-Green Light: Bicyclists who stop beside a vehicle at a red light are often injured or killed if the driver decides to turn right.

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