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What Is The Stand Your Ground Law?

The uproar over the past 18 months over George Zimmerman’s fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin has prompted a need for greater understanding of the “Stand Your Ground” defense.  While that defense wasn’t officially used in the trial, legal experts claim the Stand Your Ground (aka “Shoot First” law), which played a major role in the case, still has many stuck in utter shock.

Stand Your Ground statue permits armed citizens to use deadly force when they have reason to believe their life is being threatened. Previous laws had required individuals to retreat under similar circumstances. Experts speculate that Zimmerman’s defense team didn’t choose to implement formal legal use of the Stand Your Ground law, since they were attempting to prove that Martin held him down, without opportunity to flee.

Frank de la Torre, Broward County’s assistant public defender, is scheduled to teach the weekly course, Stand Your Ground, this fall at Florida Atlantic University. If you or someone you know thinks you may have a case involving wrongful death, it is vital to contact a South Florida Wrongful Death Attorney who can help determine what is best for you. The Law Offices of David Benenfeld are here to answer your questions, contact us today.

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