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What Is The First Thing I Should Do AFTER A Truck Accident?

There are certain choices that you will make immediately following a trucking accident that will have a direct impact on your claim against the trucking company.

  1. Don’t Move. Remain seated if you feel dizzy or pain. Try your best to stay calm.
  2. Contact 911. Police will need to protect the integrity of the accident scene in order to preserve evidence for your case.
  3. Stay Factual. When giving your statement, do NOT give your opinion, interpretation, or speculation about the accident details.
  4. Take Specific Photos. Collect the license numbers on the truck and trailer, skid marks, company info, condition of truck and tires, driver info and insurance.
  5. Retrieve Police Report. Once the police complete the accident report, request a copy to secure for your records.
  6. Do Not Speak with Trucking Insurance Co. until you have met with your own skilled Broward County Trucking Accident Attorney.

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