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What Is Florida’s Statute Of Limitations For Filing A Case For A Motorcycle Accident? Two Years Ago I Was Injured In A Motorcycle Accident And Never Filed A Case. I Had Severe Injuries And Never Followed Through. Is It Too Late?

You don’t have anything to worry since the statute of limitations for Florida motorcycle accidents is four years from the date of the accident.  Obviously it is not too late to file a case; however, you should discuss the motorcycle accident with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Florida.  Each state has different statute of limitation laws.

It is always best to contact a motorcycle lawyer as soon as possible.  By waiting, there is always the chance of forgetting important details surrounding the motorcycle accident.

If you have witnesses and other victims that were involved at the time of the accident, you are risking them not having a clear memory.  Others that may be involved such as medical care providers and the police can also have foggy memories of the event.

There are specific laws pertaining to motorcycle accidents in Florida, which is why it is important to contact an experienced motorcycle attorney to review the details of your case.  Your attorney can talk to the witnesses and review the police report as well as your medical records.  After a careful evaluation, your attorney will let you know what you can expect as compensation for your case and will create a game plan on how to collect the money owed to you.

Because there are many factors involved with a motorcycle accident in Florida and time is of the essence, contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld for a FREE consultation.  CALL: 954-677-0155.

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