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What If I’m Riding My Motorcycle And I Have To Brake Right Away? Is That When I Should “Lay It Down”?

“Laying it down” is a biker term that refers to stopping the bike by laying it on its side instead of applying brakes. Few Florida motorcyclists resort to stopping their bike this way, believing that it is a quicker way to brake, in the case of an emergency. When the bike is laid down, the rider is no longer in control, and the bike usually winds up on top of the rider.  Laying it down not only takes longer to stop, but riders are more likely to sustain a more serious injury or fatality due to the high rate of speed. Bikers should never intentionally lay it down to avoid an accident, unless they expect to be thrown beneath a big truck. Sadly, motorcycle accidents aren’t always avoidable. In these cases, it is best for the rider to apply maximum braking and try to steer away from the place of impact. It requires a skilled motorcycle rider to apply both skills at the same time (braking and avoiding).

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