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What Happens If I Am Overcharged For My Mom’s Nursing Home Healthcare?

Families who have to pay for their loved one’s nursing home care often fall victim of some form of financial abuse, either by the healthcare provider, or the facility itself. Examples of healthcare fraud within nursing homes include:

  • Being charged for assistive services never rendered. For example, perhaps you’re being charged for assistance with bathing or dressing every day, when in fact the service is rarely provided, and the resident is not able to inform you. Other times, the facility may issue charges when the service is provided by another entity, such as Medicare, etc.
  • Being charged for too many medications. The facility may be over-medicating, so to collect more money for disbursement of the meds to the patient, which is neither necessary nor safe.
  • Being charged for services by incompetent or untrained staff. Make sure you are not charged for professional services rate of pay when the service is provided by a novice care employee.
  • Being charged for a more complex or expensive service to the resident than was actually rendered.

If you feel you have been unduly over charged by a nursing home, contact our offices. We can investigate the matter and if you have a case, we can help you file a lawsuit.

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