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What Happens If I Am Injured In A Broward County Motorcycle Accident Caused By A Hazardous Road Condition Such As A Pothole?

Motorcycle enthusiasts are keenly aware of the out of control sensation that overcomes them when faced with an unpredictable hazardous road condition. Weather can easily complicate the issues surrounding compensation for accidents caused by loose gravel and potholes. Still, riders are eager to find out if the city, county, or state is liable for hazardous road conditions that led to motorcycle accidents. Various factors will be considered which are listed below.

  • How large or gaping was the pothole?
  • Were there signs properly posted to warn the driver?
  • Was the responsible party already aware of the road hazard?
  • Did they have sufficient amount of time needed to repair the road hazard?

It is likely that motorcycle accident victims suffer from chronic pain, emotional trauma, as well as rising medical costs and loss of wages. If you have sustained injuries in a Broward County motorcycle accident, you will need legal assistance in filing your claim for compensation and in negotiating with insurance companies.

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