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What does it cost to file a motorcycle accident injury claim in Florida?

The cost of pursuing your motorcycle accident injury claim can vary. For example, if you negotiate your own claim with the insurance adjuster, there is no fee; however, there is no guarantee you will get the insurance adjuster to give you the best possible compensation. Typically, you will get a higher number when you have an attorney on your side who knows what your case is worth and knows how to negotiate with the insurance company to get you that sizeable recovery.

When hiring a lawyer to handle your motorcycle accident injury claim, you will have legal fees; however, most personal injury lawyers handle cases through a contingency fee agreement and don’t charge any legal fees up front. This means that you can start your case without spending any money out of pocket. At the end of the case, your legal fees will be deducted from the settlement or verdict you received.

Legal fees can vary depending on whether your case was settled, mediated or litigated, and whether your attorney had to hire experts, medical professionals or accident reconstructionists. However, any and all fees that will be deducted from your recovery should be spelled out to you in advance so you know what your approximate costs will be from the very beginning.

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