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What Are Some Things I Can Tell My Teen Son About Reducing His Chance Of Being In A Truck Crash?

Because trucks are constantly traversing Florida roads, the chances of being in a truck wreck are higher than you might imagine, especially if a driver doesn’t know how to share the road with a large commercial truck. For this reason, it is important that you share the following safe driving tips with your son so that he can reduce his chances of being in a Broward County truck crash.

You should remind your son to always stay alert, drive defensively, and obey the road rules. But more specifically when it comes to trucks, let him know the following:

  • Stay out of a truck’s No-Zones. Large trucks have blind spots that are called No-Zones. These dangerous areas cause cars to disappear from a truck driver’s line of sight. In order for your son to not drive in a truck’s No-Zones, he needs to make sure he can see the truck driver in his side mirrors.
  • Only pass a truck on the left and never on the right. Many people attempt to pass trucks on the right or sneak in between the curb and a truck to make a right turn; however, a truck may be swinging out wide to make a right turn and could crush a car between it and the curb.
  • Never cut a truck off. Large trucks need plenty of room to come to a complete stop. By pulling in front of a truck, you may get rear-ended. This is why drivers need to leave plenty of space between their vehicles and the front of a truck.

If your son follows these tips, he should minimize his chances of being involved in a crash with a truck. However, even careful drivers can be victims of truck accidents. If you or your son was injured in a trucking accident, contact a Broward County injury lawyer to learn about your rights to seeking a financial recovery. You can reach us at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 today.

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