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Truck Accident Injuries In Fort Lauderdale

Question: My wife and I were involved in a truck accident in Fort Lauderdale. The truck was changing lanes and side-swiped our car.  We were both injured and the car was severely damaged.  Ever since the crash we both have been an emotional wreck.  What can we do?  Can we be compensated for this reckless truck driver and accident?

Answer: Being in a truck accident in Fort Lauderdale is traumatic no matter where it happened.  Over 12 percent of traffic fatalities are caused by accidents with large trucks and in most cases it is the driver or occupant of the smaller vehicle who died or was injured.

There could be numerous reasons on why this accident occurred. The drivers of these trucks often work long hours, travel great distances, and have tight scheduled deadlines. Many times these factors lead to stress and fatigue for the truck driver and the chances of them becoming involved in an accident increases.

It is important that you speak with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney who specializes with truck accidents.  An attorney who specializes in truck accidents can investigate what caused the accident and why it occurred. The attorney can also evaluate what compensation is due you for your injuries and any repercussions as a result of the accident.  This will benefit you in receiving a higher compensation for your damages and injury.

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